Electrifying Our Transportation

Electrifying Our Transportation


By 2023, it is said that buying an electric car will be cheaper than purchasing one with a combustion engine. To meet our goal, we need to move around the island efficiently and transition to using electricity for all our transportation needs—even ferries. All the ideas on this page can help us get there. Start with one and then go on from there.

Electrify Your Fleet!


There are more and more electric cars available, and as battery technology becomes more efficient, range increases.

EVs cost less to operate per mile than their gas equivalents and they are much quieter.

See Drive Green for info on buying or leasing a vehicle. And learn about rebates, tax credits, batteries, and charging.

IF you are not ready for an EV, get a hybrid or plug-in hybrid. Running on electric mode saves gas, reduces engine wear, and is so quiet!


A battery electric Ford F-150 is currently being introduced into the market and others
are coming.

Consider leasing one to try out for your next truck.

Other all-electric construction equipment is also on its way.

Find out more and learn about rebates.


Once you have your electric vehicle, power it from renewable sources to make the most impact.

Sign up for the Cape Light Compact Green program. All the electricity for this program
is from renewable sources around New England.

Go solar to provide the power for your EV at home.

Support off-shore wind to provide clean power for our region.

Move About Alternatively!


Help reduce traffic and your carbon footprint by taking the bus for some of your errands.

The VTA has committed to an all-electric bus fleet and is well on their way to meeting that goal.  They are installing solar canopies at their home base to power the fleet.

Are there ways you could ride the bus for at least one of your trips around the island each week?


Most of us could do trips that are 5 miles or less (by bike or electric bike) if the bike paths were there for us to use. And some trips are short enough for walking.

Both these transportation modes help reduce traffic and your carbon footprint

Advocate for bike path creation and enforcement of safe passing laws so that there are safe routes all around our island and to our schools – talk to your Selectmen, Planning Board & MV Commission representatives about this.


Flying is a major contributor to climate change

Taking the train or bus is one way to get places that are less damaging.

If you must fly, buy carbon offset credits to give something back.

Our regional airline, Cape Air, has committed to incorporating electric planes into their fleet in the coming years.

Advocate For Electric Vehicles


Electric and hybrid ferries are starting to appear. Washington State has committed to a hybrid fleet by 2040. Electric ferries are being used for 5-mile trips in Norway and 25-mile trips in Denmark.

Push for more efficient ferries for the Steamship Authority. If we are not ready yet for electric ones, then let’s try hybrids.

Contact our Steamship Authority rep to express your enthusiasm for this.


Many of our towns already have some electric vehicles for Building Inspectors, Board of Health agents and others to use.

Electric and hybrid police cruisers are now available and more are coming.

Advocate at Town Meeting and with your Selectmen and Fin Comms that electric vehicles be the ones purchased or leased for Town use.

Advocate for more public charging stations and preferred parking for EVs.


The VTA has helped the school system get 2 electric school buses for the High School to try.

The VTA will be maintaining these buses for the school department.

Urge your school committee representatives to make ALL our school buses electric.

Aside from walking or biking, this is the cleanest and greenest way to get our kids to school.

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