What You Can Do


What’s YOUR 9-year climate plan, now that it is even clearer that the Earth needs our help NOW?
How many of these things can you do before we ring in the Year 2030?

The next 10 years are our time to do everything we can to ensure a livable future. This challenge seems impossible–but we have done the impossible before. This is our Moon Shot moment. Now is our time to step forward and act. 

On the following pages, find lots of ideas—big and small—for how you can support our island’s future by making your home more efficient; generating or buying clean power; moving around in a cleaner way; growing more of your food and being more thoughtful about waste; and maybe most importantly, letting your voice be heard.

Start in on whatever action you feel you can do now and then keep on going. No one thing is enough. We all need to do absolutely everything we can to slow climate change. Together, we can turn the tide if we set our minds to it.

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